March (Menswear) Madness

Officially four months and two weeks left!

The clock is ticking, and there are definitely somethings that I wish I had done by now. Don't they say, "Nothing to it but to do it" or something like that?

One thing I (sorta) wish I had done was make my life easier by picking a more trendy or easy to match color. Finding raspberry bridesmaids dresses wasn't too hard, but now I can't find any ties for the guys! Mr. Man's only request is that they not wear bow ties, and I support him one-hundred percent. But that's as much as has been decided regarding the guys attire.

Can you help in the hunt?
Will I survive the next four months without going crazy?
Let the "march madness" begin!!


zoliepup said...

Have you checked etsy? There are a couple of tie sellers that might have just the thing for you.
This one is probably too informal, but a start:

You can also try Etsy alchemy, where you post what you are looking for and people bid to make it for you.

We're looking for a Mandarin collar tux for fiance, and we're having a devil of a time trying to find it...

I know they are not the most popular style right now, but they look great!

Racine said...

Love your blog! Perhaps going a little anti alternative for the ties and looking in retail places instead of the traditional tux shops. You might be surprised what you find that will still look good with the tuxes. Plus the assortment is big enough that you should be able to find something that suits the guys quite well. Good luck!

zoliepup said...

I found more ties... was looking for boutieneres for our guys, but instead found ties that might meet your requirements.