Making It Legal

Please don't hate me, but it was just so hard to blog in this mess that we came back to after the honeymoon and mission trip. (We have gotten things (sort of) under control since then, Thank God!)

Since I left so long ago, I'm going to start from the beginning.

We were going to be half married on Friday, July 3rd. We called ahead to make sure that the courthouse was open. But alas...

THIS is how we left. No marriage license in hand. Fast forward to Monday - and we became half legal! Really the city should change its voice mail message for the holiday weekends.


Apologies from the MRS!

I apologize.

I stopped posting 9 days before the wedding.

Don't be angry.

In short, it was amazing.

I'll do a few recap posts, but I think after that it's time to focus on married life and ahem, medical school - unless I find some other reason to keep up this blog.

I'll post about the wedding license, random preparations, the bachelorette party, rehearsal lunch, the big day (in all it's glorious details), our honeymoon and our first adventure as a married couple.

It's coming. I promise.
As soon as I open some of these ridiculous boxes.