No Fairy Godmother Necessary

I don't have a fairy godmother, but if I did...

1. Our photographer would follow us our wedding night hotel to get this shot...

2. I would look like my wedding gym-spiration... (I'm working on this one!)

3. We would get to go to the honeymoon spot of our dreams because our amazingly awesome friends and family have offered to help. Oh snap! This one's really happening!

Totally thankful; no fairy godmother necessary. :)

photos from aravaggio.com and justjared.buzznet.com


like this...

Mr. Man and I have been feeling a little like this lately - a little tired, stressed and overscheduled. It's high time for something fun. Wednesday, I gave him an invite to the surprise adventure I've planned for tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

If you are a nice person, you'll do an anti-rain dance. Until then, back to the books.


Wedding Planning is Tough

I'm not complaining about the actual process. I promise.

It's just hard to think about favors and gifts when your friends and family members are going through tough stuff. You've got to do it, because there is no magical wedding fairy who will appear and do it for you, but life and all the amazing people in it are WAY more important.

The details can stay on hold for a few days. I'm thankful that I can do what I can for the people I love.


Crafty Goodness

I've always been a crafter, but wedding planning has brought out the crafty girl that lives underneath medical school books. I've made lots of DIY/crafty things for my wedding, but I haven't shared many of them on my blog. I feel like the "little things" will make a much bigger impact if they are shared with the wedding guests on the big day.

That doesn't mean I can't share my non-wedding crafts with you! Here's some things I've made in the past few months for others.

At my future sister-in-law's Pooh themed baby shower (assisted by my fabulous co-hostess)...


...a diaper cake surrounded by prizes for the guests who won the games...

...and a sign for the cutest little niece ever!

More to come!


It's Starting to Feel Real

I looked over a tentative draft of our wedding day timeline, and it made everything seem so real! I mean, not that a ton of spreadsheets, number crunching, and vendor calls isn't real. The wedding slavedriver (Knot.com) says I have 94 days left and 184 things to do. Good thing I have medical school to procrastinate from wedding planning. Or is it the other way around?

I guess after I learn some neuroscience, I'll get cracking. I know finishing the invites is priorty, but after that, I'm not really sure what to tackle.

Favors? Bridal party gifts? What random project are you glad you got out of the way early in the game?


Rehearsal Lunch Invites

Our rehearsal luncheon's theme is "Welcome to the West". Which invitation do YOU like best?

Number One

Number Two

Number Three
Cast your vote!


Who has 6 feet?

I love love love shoes!

So much so, that I have now officially ordered THREE pairs for my wedding. I know. It's bad.

At first, I could not find the perfect pair of raspberry/magenta shoes to peek out from my dress.

So I ordered Pair #1 and I was going to go "old school" and have them dyed!
They've got a low heel( 2.25 inches) which will be great for my dress and the future hubby.

...but they were a LITTLE too big. (Can I get a sigh from all the girls with super skinny heels that make their shoes flip off in the back?)

So I ordered a half size smaller which hasn't arrived yet. (Pair #2)

THEN, while perusing, I found these beauties...

I called to see how many pairs were available, since I'm not sure how a three inch heel will work with my dress and wanted to wait until I was reunited till my dress again to see. And there was only one pair in my size. So of course, these became Pair #3.

What's your take?

Should I stand a mere 2.25 inches taller and have them dyed? Or almost be as tall as my man in magenta?


Happy 100 Days!

I don't condone smoking, and no one I know is turning 100 today.
So why the celebration?
Today marks 100 days till I become a Mrs. !!!


Black Love/Inspiration

It's rare to find black brides/weddings on the web,
but with 3.5 months to go, I need some black love/inspiration...

photos from southernweddingsmagazine via ashleybaberweddings


I'm Sorry

NWR, but THIS is how I feel after 3 tests in 8 days.

Isn't medical school awesome?

Some say it's like drinking water from a fire hose.
I say : medical school = elementary school(AKA being in class all the time) + finals week in college x every other week.

ps I miss dance.


Wedding Wishes

I wish....

...I had thought more carefully about my venue choice.