I'm With the Band(s)

Mr. Man and I took a little time over the Thanksgiving holiday to get my engagement ring resized. While were at the store, I suggested that we look for wedding bands. Knowing Mr. Man is not an impulse buyer, I assumed that we would only look and not buy.

I tried on some that were too blingy for my taste. I tried on some that looked great with my engagement ring, but looked boring by themselves. And then, I found the one. Of course I wanted it. But I just knew that were weren't getting it today. So I politely asked the salesperson to put it back and took a phone call.

Somewhere during the phone call, the decision was made and the ring was purchased AND I FREAKED OUT. I'm not sure why. I'm as sure as sure can be about marrying Mr. Man. but it somehow seemed like a big ceremonious step that I hadn't prepared for.

I shared my crazy thoughts, and let me know I was silly. He was right.

Even though I know we've already made "the decision", each little step is new and exciting.

I can't wait for the next one.



Creating a bridal registry is a weird idea. You, in essence, are allowed to make a ginormous wish list of things you need or want. This is a bad idea for someone like me. Although deep down inside there lives a practical person who know that "things" are not the stuff of life, I do not deny that my eyes light up when I see high thread count sheets or beautiful china.

Mr. Man's "practical person" is much bigger. He would prefer cash gifts. So, as usual, we have come up with a compromise. I will get my long-dreamt-about adventure in a department store with a scanner and we will include a link on our wedding web page where guests can contribute towards our honeymoon or wedding.

Until the fateful day arrives , I can search for things that make me smile - the totally frivolous, expensive things that I would never actually register for.

Here's what I have found so far:

Just because it looks cool.
Glass Cookbook Holder at Williams Sonoma.

Because wrinked never equals cute.
Upright Steamer from Amazon.com

Two surfaces to cook on. One thing to clean.
Electric Indoor Grill by Williams Sonoma.

I'm a sucker for simple.
Oneida Dinnerware.

Modern. (me) Comfy. (him)
Soho Bedding at AJMoss

Maybe I want it just because it's cold, but who doesn't like hot chocolate?
Bialetti Hot Chocolate Pot at Williams-Sonoma
Because a picnic for two will be fun on day five and year fifty.
Classic Gourmet Picnic Basket from Picnicfun.com

What would you register for?


A Shopping Trip

After help from my sorority sisters and hours of online searching, I'd finally decided on the engagement picture outfit. It was a pretty yellow wrap dress. I'd had it all figured out. The yellow was for fun and wrap dress was for flattering the figure.

The plan was all in motion until I ran it by Mr. Man.

Well actually, I'm being a bit dramatic. He said he didn't like it. And for a guy who rarely has an opinion on his own clothes, "i don't like it" is a pretty strong statement.

Normally, I'd find some cute shoes and keep it moving, but since this will go out to all our family and friends, I decided to rethink the outfit. Off to Northpark Mall we go!
Let me know if you see anythingonline that screams "wear me, wear me!".
photo from j.crew


Happy Feet

Wouldn't your feet be happy if they had these on?

I'll love you forever if you find some similar for me.


Something For The Little One to Carry

How awesome would it be to have the cutest little soon-to-be-godson ever carry this little number down the aisle?

Cost? According to Once Wed, about $7.70.

Another addition to the DIY list? I think so.

No one will pay any attention to it, because Mr. Man's godson is so cute, but if you're going to procrastinate, why not make good things come out of it?

photo from once wed


My New Wedding Toy and Other Joys

It's not Christmas yet, but I've gotten many presents!
First and foremost, the United States of America has an awe-inspiring new President! It didn't really hit me until I saw one of those posters with all the presidents on it that was in the front of your elementary school classroom. After number forty-four, that poster will look just a little different. I'm proud to have a Black president in office, but I'm even prouder that we have someone who is capable of moving this country to action.

Second, my new wedding toy is heat embossing tool. Its this little handheld machine you can use to emboss paper or other surfaces. I've been playing with it every chance I get. Pretty placecards and marvelous menus, here I come! You can check out a heat embossing tutorial on DIYBride.
photo from DIYbride