I'm With the Band(s)

Mr. Man and I took a little time over the Thanksgiving holiday to get my engagement ring resized. While were at the store, I suggested that we look for wedding bands. Knowing Mr. Man is not an impulse buyer, I assumed that we would only look and not buy.

I tried on some that were too blingy for my taste. I tried on some that looked great with my engagement ring, but looked boring by themselves. And then, I found the one. Of course I wanted it. But I just knew that were weren't getting it today. So I politely asked the salesperson to put it back and took a phone call.

Somewhere during the phone call, the decision was made and the ring was purchased AND I FREAKED OUT. I'm not sure why. I'm as sure as sure can be about marrying Mr. Man. but it somehow seemed like a big ceremonious step that I hadn't prepared for.

I shared my crazy thoughts, and let me know I was silly. He was right.

Even though I know we've already made "the decision", each little step is new and exciting.

I can't wait for the next one.

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An Atlanta Bride said...

There will be more exciting moments to come!