When do we rehearse?

I want my rehearsal + dinner to be casual and fun. So far, it's casual, but not fun. I can't decide. Again.

I'm debating two options.

1) A rehearsal at the ceremony site from 10:30 A - 11:30 A on Friday morning and a BBQ lunch (at a BBQ place) to follow.

-We can actually use the ceremony site for the rehearsal.
- The wedding party will have the evening to relax and settle in to be ready for an "early" morning the next day.

- Out of town folks will have to either spend the night on Thursday or arrive early Friday morning. (And this might mean missing an entire day of work.)
- What in the world will the out of towners do on Friday night?
- Two separate locations? Ugh.

2) A rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at a private room in a BBQ restaurants's room on Friday evening (7:00 ish).

- Wedding party can come in later on Friday.
- Since we are rehearsing at the restuarant, we can take all the time we need and enjoy each other's company.

- The rehearsal wouln't actually be at the ceremony site. People might be confused on the big day.

I know I'm proabably thinking too hard about it. I always do.


Not Wedding Related , But Excitement Nonetheless

At some point during my childhood, I was convinced I WAS a Disney princess. No. Really.
My favorites were Jasmine, Ariel and Belle, and to my parent's dismay I even tried to sing along with Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. (Unfortunately for them, I'm not the best of singers.)

Then I grew up a little and realized none of the princesses looked like me. That never stopped me from admiring Jasmine's fiery personality or Belle's intelligent kindness, but it has made me super excited for Disney's "The Princess and the Frog".

I know there's been debate and controversy over the film. And honestly, I wish they had kept her name as Maddie instead of Tiana, because (if the movie is set in the twenties, as is rumored) I don't think Tiana wasn't anyone's name in that decade.

Like I said, excitement nonetheless!



As more and more things are coming together for the wedding, I'm starting to worry if it all "goes together". I love beautiful things, but I have a hard time imagining what they will look like when you put them all together.

Thanks to wedding inspiration boards, I can procrastinate (also called not studying) my worries away.

I can't find a board that really communicates what I really want, but this comes close.

This one is by Zanadia design.

The magenta and old gold are right on target, but I want to make it "lighter" for summer.
Also, although magenta and antique gold are my colors, they seem so formal and don't exactly allow for me throwing in random things like moss or manzanita branches.

I tried one on my own...

Does it work?

Photos from theknot.com, morilee.com, etsy.com, stevemadden.com, and michellerago.com


Naptural Nuptials

As you can tell from my pictures, I'm naptural (no relaxer since Spring 2007) . I have no idea how I will wear my hair for the big day, but these naptural nuptial styles make me want to keep
my curlies around.

I rarely see pictures of black brides, but I was happy to find these!


What do you say?

"Yay for the naptural"? Or "tame those naps girl!"?

photos from khamitkinks.com and unquelynaptural's fotki


Why I'm Getting Married

Today at church, someone jokingly (I hope) asked Terry why he was getting married. I can't answer for him, but I can answer for me.

Mr. Man knows I've been having a rough time here lately. I suggested that we go to the movies after I finished a good amount of studying for an upcoming exam. He looked up the time and location for Bride Wars. Yes, Bride Wars. He knew I wanted to see it and he did it of his own accord.

He sat through my wide eyed amazement at Ann Hathaways gown. (Which was even prettier when the strap got ripped off!) And my disgust at "10 layer tulle" - even on a Vera Wang Gown.

He sat through my excitement about Ann Hathaway's wardrobe and my gasp when I realized she had on MY Banana Republic dress!!!

But most of all, after the estrogen flood had subsided,we had a lively talk about us. About how I'm crazy. And he's crazy too. And about how , despite all the nonsense, we couldn't see ourselves any other way than married.

Oh yeah, and then we argued about Anne Hathaway.
I say: She's gorgeous. (Not in the traffic cone picture above, of course.)
He says: You only like her because she's classy. She looks like a cross between a moose and an anteater. And she's pale.
I say: You're mean. And really? A moose and an anteater?
We both crack up laughing.

Whatever. She's gorgeous.