Naptural Nuptials

As you can tell from my pictures, I'm naptural (no relaxer since Spring 2007) . I have no idea how I will wear my hair for the big day, but these naptural nuptial styles make me want to keep
my curlies around.

I rarely see pictures of black brides, but I was happy to find these!


What do you say?

"Yay for the naptural"? Or "tame those naps girl!"?

photos from khamitkinks.com and unquelynaptural's fotki


zoliepup said...

I say let the Naps be free! I especially like the 3rd and 4th pictures you've posted!

Fiance's cousin has a set of dreadlocks that is to die for (literally to her waist). I so wish my hair would lock up (and wouldn't look like weird white girl dreads!)

DocB said...

speaking as former natural bride... who married in the summer... outside (as you recall)... unless you want to worry about your hair all day and get upset when a hair starts getting frizzy or wavy or whatever, and since you already sport a natural look on the reg, go with that.

Conscious Bride said...

I say au naturale! Besides, I need some support ;)

tall_girl#12 said...

DEFINITELY rock the natural. It's you...and looks great on you! Also, I absolutely love the 3rd pic (the little twisties kind of down and around her face). Adorable!

Anonymous said...

you better get a perm!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I say be nappy! I plan on being wild and nappy with a birdcage!