As more and more things are coming together for the wedding, I'm starting to worry if it all "goes together". I love beautiful things, but I have a hard time imagining what they will look like when you put them all together.

Thanks to wedding inspiration boards, I can procrastinate (also called not studying) my worries away.

I can't find a board that really communicates what I really want, but this comes close.

This one is by Zanadia design.

The magenta and old gold are right on target, but I want to make it "lighter" for summer.
Also, although magenta and antique gold are my colors, they seem so formal and don't exactly allow for me throwing in random things like moss or manzanita branches.

I tried one on my own...

Does it work?

Photos from theknot.com, morilee.com, etsy.com, stevemadden.com, and michellerago.com

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what pretty inspiration boards :) i love the color combos!