DIY Downer

I had all these projects planned, but I'm at a big road block.

For one project, I need a drill, but no one has one.

For another project, I need Mr. Man to go pick something up and he still hasn't gotten around to it.

For another project, I need the fabric that's across town at Mr. Man's house.

...and the last project I set in motion just turned out bad.

I'd wanted to take foam or wooden letters that said "Mr." and "Mrs." to put on the back of our chairs. I purchased foam and began painting. I'd hoped that with a few good coats of paint and high gloss, they'd look fancy. I guess my hopes were too high. The foam still looked like foam, the letters got stuck to my counter.

In summary, my counter now says " M M R S R".

Does any one have any ideas for something to decorate the backs of our chairs?


The Date Has Been Saved!

Sorry I've been MIA, but family + med school is serious business.

We kept it pretty simple with the save the dates, check 'em out!


Yes to the Dress!!!

I have officially ordered my dress! I have to admit its a little unnerving to order something you aren't going to see until three months later, but I'm still super excited.

I'd been harassed by my loving, amazingly organized cousin (also known and Maid-of-Honor-zilla) to order the dress ASAP, but I had this sneaking suspicion that I might find something I liked better. So I went alone (gasp!) to the store to try it on again. I wanted to make sure I wasn't making the decision off of someone else's "ooohs or ahhhs". And I feel in love. Again.

The only thing I could have wanted in a dress was a longer train. Luckily an awesome saleslady suggested that I get a cathedral style veil to create the illusion of a long train. I'd always thought those were only for really super fancy weddings, but now I've got all kinds of ideas swirling in my head.

Of course, one choice just leads to another.

I could go with a cathedral veil for the ceremony....

Side Note: I hope you're supposed to just walk down the aisle with these already behind you. I can just see Mr. Man and I tangled up in it and everyone laughing!

.... and a DIY flower for the reception.

Or I could go vintage-y with a netted veil.

The DIY to-do list is in motion, so maybe I'll attempt to create something for my hair.

Any suggestions?

And what in the world are you supposed to do with that much tulle if you wear a cathedral veil?

photos from affordableweddingveils.com, jenniferbehr.com, pearlseventsblog.com



You have no idea how difficult it is to collect a bunch of addresses.
Or maybe you do.
Or maybe you don't - yet.
It was great when I'd send a text message that says "Hey, can you text me your address so I can send you a save the date?" And people would respond with "When's the date for the wedding?" ::doh::

Despite the difficulty, "it" is now official : save the dates are out!

I can post engagement pictures on the blog now!

Yippee Skippee!!!

Check out our super-duper-amazing photogragher's blog post about our shoot here.



If you say the title seriously enough and pause afterwards, it sounds like a feature film. No matter how you say the word "indecision", it is the bane of my existence. The bridesmaids dresses have been ordered, but my dress is still up in the air. Here are the options.

1. Dress I Fell In Love With But Would Have to Donate my Kidney (OK, not really) to Afford

2. Dress I Really, Really Like and Can Afford but Has Silvery Metallic Beading
(... and there is NOTHING Silver About My Wedding)

2. Dress I Haven't Tried On Yet but Feel Like I am Online Dating

I won't post pictures for obvious reasons, but since I've shared with you, I feel obligated to commit.

I will have a dress. This.Weekend.

Happy Inauguration!!! (Harass me afterwards if I don't have a gown.)


Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn....

I wanted to find an "under $100 a night" hotel for those traveling to the wedding - especially my college friends. Luckily, my venue has a deal with a nearby hotel that guarantees a great rate, free parking, and free shuttle to the venue. Perfect!

Now, how do I pass this information on to the guests?

Here are some ideas.

1.The wedding website. Good, but not for the technologically challenged.
2. An enclosure with the invite. Equal access for the technologically challenged, but getting it printed with the invite suite might cost some money.
3. The hotel provided info sheet. Easy for guests, but I don't want some big hotel paper making the invitation all ugly like.
3. A printed business card from VistaPrint.com. Might look better than a sheet of computer paper in the invite, but I'd still have to tack on the postage.

Any thoughts? How would you announce this deal to your out-of-towners?


What about these?

I think they'd be pretty amazing peeking out from under my dress.


Time Is Of the Essence

When I first envision a wedding, I envision guests dancing and having a blast. In planning, this is exactly what I had in mind. After the evening wedding was scrapped, I realized that an afternoon wedding didn't leave much time to boogie. How can we save time on the big day?

Here are some options.

1. Take Photos Before The Ceremony
Instead of formal photos during the "cocktail hour" we could take photos before the ceremony even starts. Mr. Man would see me before the ceremony, but the food could be served as soon as the room is "flipped" to reception style seating.

2. Have Open Seating
Although I'm totally obsessed with seating cards (having a table with cards for each guest which direct them to a specific table), Mr. Man says two things: 1) it will take longer for people to find their seats and 2) guest won't listen anyway and will sit where they want.

3. Start at 11:30 AM
It's early yes, but it will buy us a little bit more time.

We've got from 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM.
How can we make it a "rockin' reception" happen?
Do you have any other suggestions?