Time Is Of the Essence

When I first envision a wedding, I envision guests dancing and having a blast. In planning, this is exactly what I had in mind. After the evening wedding was scrapped, I realized that an afternoon wedding didn't leave much time to boogie. How can we save time on the big day?

Here are some options.

1. Take Photos Before The Ceremony
Instead of formal photos during the "cocktail hour" we could take photos before the ceremony even starts. Mr. Man would see me before the ceremony, but the food could be served as soon as the room is "flipped" to reception style seating.

2. Have Open Seating
Although I'm totally obsessed with seating cards (having a table with cards for each guest which direct them to a specific table), Mr. Man says two things: 1) it will take longer for people to find their seats and 2) guest won't listen anyway and will sit where they want.

3. Start at 11:30 AM
It's early yes, but it will buy us a little bit more time.

We've got from 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM.
How can we make it a "rockin' reception" happen?
Do you have any other suggestions?


Terrica :: Fabuluxe™ Events said...

I think all of your ideas are really good. If you two don't mind seeing each other prior to the ceremony, this will save you a lot of time. Saundra of Planning...Forever just did a great series on this. It works, and it can still be intimate. The time you save from taking pictures can give you more time to get your guests acclimated to the new area and ready to eat. This will mean that your timeline will move along smoothly.

I would definitely do the escort cards, depending on how many guests you choose to have. If you don't do escort cards, your guests will be wandering around like musical chairs trying to find somewhere to sit. Of course this will take up time. Guests do pay attention to these things and do like the order and security it creates for them (weddings can be awkward for them, too).

When you're introduced, I would go right into your first dance-- you can create a lull in your reception if you choose to eat, do formal dances and then open the floor for dancing at your time of day. Come in, do your first dance, have your meal and then knock out the rest (the parent dances). Start the party with three great dance songs; by the third song everyone should be out on the floor. Remember, everyone will follow your lead, so get out there and dance, too!

Good luck to you :)

Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

Terrica's advice is spot on and I couldn't agree more.

Congratulations on your wedding, I am sure it will be a fab time!

Danielle and Terry said...

Both you ladies are totally awesome for responding! I totally love your blogs, and I hope you stop back by!