DIY Downer

I had all these projects planned, but I'm at a big road block.

For one project, I need a drill, but no one has one.

For another project, I need Mr. Man to go pick something up and he still hasn't gotten around to it.

For another project, I need the fabric that's across town at Mr. Man's house.

...and the last project I set in motion just turned out bad.

I'd wanted to take foam or wooden letters that said "Mr." and "Mrs." to put on the back of our chairs. I purchased foam and began painting. I'd hoped that with a few good coats of paint and high gloss, they'd look fancy. I guess my hopes were too high. The foam still looked like foam, the letters got stuck to my counter.

In summary, my counter now says " M M R S R".

Does any one have any ideas for something to decorate the backs of our chairs?


zoliepup said...

Oh my gosh! Your post made me giggle a little about the painted counter, but I know how you feel when DIY goes bad. I did a search for DIY bride and groom chair signs... There actually isn't much out there that is unique like your idea. I did find one that was kind of cool. The bride got wire, and bent it into cursive shapes and then beaded the wire with pearls. Otherwise, what about adapting the foam and moss door hangers in a scaled down version. Then you could rescue your already painted foam pieces. Instead of moss, maybe you could use feathers in your wedding colors (aubergine, right?)

Brenda's Wedding Blog said...

while this tutorial is for signs that rest on the seat - they can easily be created into hanging signs - hope this idea helps: