Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn....

I wanted to find an "under $100 a night" hotel for those traveling to the wedding - especially my college friends. Luckily, my venue has a deal with a nearby hotel that guarantees a great rate, free parking, and free shuttle to the venue. Perfect!

Now, how do I pass this information on to the guests?

Here are some ideas.

1.The wedding website. Good, but not for the technologically challenged.
2. An enclosure with the invite. Equal access for the technologically challenged, but getting it printed with the invite suite might cost some money.
3. The hotel provided info sheet. Easy for guests, but I don't want some big hotel paper making the invitation all ugly like.
3. A printed business card from VistaPrint.com. Might look better than a sheet of computer paper in the invite, but I'd still have to tack on the postage.

Any thoughts? How would you announce this deal to your out-of-towners?

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Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

Sherrlyn of http://www.lovesimplyhappens.com says...I am stopping by to wish thee to fare well and to take lots of deep breathes. Oh and don't forget a date night to relax. The Wide Eyed Bride shall have a beautiful wedding day!