If you say the title seriously enough and pause afterwards, it sounds like a feature film. No matter how you say the word "indecision", it is the bane of my existence. The bridesmaids dresses have been ordered, but my dress is still up in the air. Here are the options.

1. Dress I Fell In Love With But Would Have to Donate my Kidney (OK, not really) to Afford

2. Dress I Really, Really Like and Can Afford but Has Silvery Metallic Beading
(... and there is NOTHING Silver About My Wedding)

2. Dress I Haven't Tried On Yet but Feel Like I am Online Dating

I won't post pictures for obvious reasons, but since I've shared with you, I feel obligated to commit.

I will have a dress. This.Weekend.

Happy Inauguration!!! (Harass me afterwards if I don't have a gown.)


Anonymous said...

Are you in love with Mr. Man or do you "really, really like him"? Go with the one you love:)

Dana said...

Good luck. I have to go over those three steps to get the dress I wanted for my day. I really wanted a dress that showed my personality and was not as much as my monthly mortgage.