Why I'm Getting Married

Today at church, someone jokingly (I hope) asked Terry why he was getting married. I can't answer for him, but I can answer for me.

Mr. Man knows I've been having a rough time here lately. I suggested that we go to the movies after I finished a good amount of studying for an upcoming exam. He looked up the time and location for Bride Wars. Yes, Bride Wars. He knew I wanted to see it and he did it of his own accord.

He sat through my wide eyed amazement at Ann Hathaways gown. (Which was even prettier when the strap got ripped off!) And my disgust at "10 layer tulle" - even on a Vera Wang Gown.

He sat through my excitement about Ann Hathaway's wardrobe and my gasp when I realized she had on MY Banana Republic dress!!!

But most of all, after the estrogen flood had subsided,we had a lively talk about us. About how I'm crazy. And he's crazy too. And about how , despite all the nonsense, we couldn't see ourselves any other way than married.

Oh yeah, and then we argued about Anne Hathaway.
I say: She's gorgeous. (Not in the traffic cone picture above, of course.)
He says: You only like her because she's classy. She looks like a cross between a moose and an anteater. And she's pale.
I say: You're mean. And really? A moose and an anteater?
We both crack up laughing.

Whatever. She's gorgeous.


Kristy Goldman said...

I agree. Ten-layer tulle, even on Kate Hudson via Vera Wang, is not okay.

Remember Something Blue

Anonymous said...

Hathaway is lovely and fly; Hudson is a loathesome creature.