When do we rehearse?

I want my rehearsal + dinner to be casual and fun. So far, it's casual, but not fun. I can't decide. Again.

I'm debating two options.

1) A rehearsal at the ceremony site from 10:30 A - 11:30 A on Friday morning and a BBQ lunch (at a BBQ place) to follow.

-We can actually use the ceremony site for the rehearsal.
- The wedding party will have the evening to relax and settle in to be ready for an "early" morning the next day.

- Out of town folks will have to either spend the night on Thursday or arrive early Friday morning. (And this might mean missing an entire day of work.)
- What in the world will the out of towners do on Friday night?
- Two separate locations? Ugh.

2) A rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at a private room in a BBQ restaurants's room on Friday evening (7:00 ish).

- Wedding party can come in later on Friday.
- Since we are rehearsing at the restuarant, we can take all the time we need and enjoy each other's company.

- The rehearsal wouln't actually be at the ceremony site. People might be confused on the big day.

I know I'm proabably thinking too hard about it. I always do.

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kilee said...

don't overthink it. we're not doing a rehersal dinner because my fiance is aussie and they don't do them, so we're just gathering our friends and family for a bonfire bbq the night before. i'm sure you'll be fine!