Not Wedding Related , But Excitement Nonetheless

At some point during my childhood, I was convinced I WAS a Disney princess. No. Really.
My favorites were Jasmine, Ariel and Belle, and to my parent's dismay I even tried to sing along with Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. (Unfortunately for them, I'm not the best of singers.)

Then I grew up a little and realized none of the princesses looked like me. That never stopped me from admiring Jasmine's fiery personality or Belle's intelligent kindness, but it has made me super excited for Disney's "The Princess and the Frog".

I know there's been debate and controversy over the film. And honestly, I wish they had kept her name as Maddie instead of Tiana, because (if the movie is set in the twenties, as is rumored) I don't think Tiana wasn't anyone's name in that decade.

Like I said, excitement nonetheless!

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