Flower Power

Fine. I'll admit to being a girly-girl.
It is true that nothing makes me smile like fresh flowers.

On the other hand, most floral prints make my stomach turn. Luckily, with guidance from my amazing planner/decorator/wonderwoman we were able to keep it from looking like a country rose garden or some other idea that would make me nauseous.

My black thumb and I are still learning the names of flowers, but we've got some combination of the ones below. Somehow, I feel like each one represents part of my personality.

peonies - the showy flower, because I've been know to be "extra" at times

hydrangea - the all-over-the-place flower, because well, sometimes I am all over the place

and ranunculus - the orderly lady-like flower, because someday when I grow up I'll be organized and lady-like.

And this just made me smile.

My only fear is that in my new-found floral enthusiasm, I've included too many flowers. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping to smell the umm...peonies?

photos from pbase.com, saundersbrothers.com, easytogrowbulbs.com, and etsy.com

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Mekdes said...

i love how the flowers you picked all represent something about you. though i'm all about the wedding being about you, include a flower to represent the hubby lol....just a lil thought. BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!