The Little Pink Card

The Christmas holiday has come and gone. I'm sure many men agonized about what to put under the tree for their honey. Not mine. Mr. Man is great at gift giving. But for the man who always wraps something out of left field, there is always this funny little thing: The Little Pink Card.

If you had to "fix your face" after you opened your gift, then this might be for you. The Little Pink Card is nifty wallet-sized card that assists
your husband, boyfriend or significant other in always buying you the perfect gift. Its customizable with your name and "favorites".

Do I really think people should get this card? No! It's crazy! If he gets you something, just smile and be thankful. But I still think it's funny.

On the wedding front though, things are getting crossed off.
We've decided on the cake, chosen the linens and picked a DJ.

Next, I'm looking forward to a shopping adventure with the best wedding coordinator out there on Tuesday. Craft and fabric stores, here we come!!!

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