My bridesmaids and I will be going to pick out dresses soon. Although I have pretty much decided what I want, these pictures of non-matching but coordinated dresses makes me want to reconsider.

The coordination is much more modern and fresh than matchy-matchy dresses and every girl could choose a dress she loves.

So....to match or not to match?

My girls might look something like this...

photos from instyleweddings
collage from nordstrom, revolveclothing, urbanoutfitters and edressme


Mekdes said...

i say match! except for the maid of honor who gets a lil extra or something different with her dress. remember....focus is on YOU you don't want everyone focusing on what style dress is coming up next if there is more than one. still love the color choice!!!!!

Angela said...

While I absolutely LOVE this new trend in bridesmaids dresses, I'm going to have to say, "Diddo!" to Mek's comment!

Matching dresses for bridesmaids... a special dress of choice (and yours of course!) for the maid of honor in the same color... and you can't go wrong :)

I think getting different dresses works best for smaller bridal parties... since I'm sure a lot more personal opinions will be thrown around!

...save yourself the headache :)

Anne said...

I am a fan of the non matchy matchy look! I just think it is fun, fresh, and unexpected. This is totally doable for smaller parties, I think it showcases all your girls in a unique way.