Creating a bridal registry is a weird idea. You, in essence, are allowed to make a ginormous wish list of things you need or want. This is a bad idea for someone like me. Although deep down inside there lives a practical person who know that "things" are not the stuff of life, I do not deny that my eyes light up when I see high thread count sheets or beautiful china.

Mr. Man's "practical person" is much bigger. He would prefer cash gifts. So, as usual, we have come up with a compromise. I will get my long-dreamt-about adventure in a department store with a scanner and we will include a link on our wedding web page where guests can contribute towards our honeymoon or wedding.

Until the fateful day arrives , I can search for things that make me smile - the totally frivolous, expensive things that I would never actually register for.

Here's what I have found so far:

Just because it looks cool.
Glass Cookbook Holder at Williams Sonoma.

Because wrinked never equals cute.
Upright Steamer from Amazon.com

Two surfaces to cook on. One thing to clean.
Electric Indoor Grill by Williams Sonoma.

I'm a sucker for simple.
Oneida Dinnerware.

Modern. (me) Comfy. (him)
Soho Bedding at AJMoss

Maybe I want it just because it's cold, but who doesn't like hot chocolate?
Bialetti Hot Chocolate Pot at Williams-Sonoma
Because a picnic for two will be fun on day five and year fifty.
Classic Gourmet Picnic Basket from Picnicfun.com

What would you register for?

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