A Shopping Trip

After help from my sorority sisters and hours of online searching, I'd finally decided on the engagement picture outfit. It was a pretty yellow wrap dress. I'd had it all figured out. The yellow was for fun and wrap dress was for flattering the figure.

The plan was all in motion until I ran it by Mr. Man.

Well actually, I'm being a bit dramatic. He said he didn't like it. And for a guy who rarely has an opinion on his own clothes, "i don't like it" is a pretty strong statement.

Normally, I'd find some cute shoes and keep it moving, but since this will go out to all our family and friends, I decided to rethink the outfit. Off to Northpark Mall we go!
Let me know if you see anythingonline that screams "wear me, wear me!".
photo from j.crew


Lauren said...

Alas, even bluefly failed me. The yellow is tough to duplicate. Press onward!

zoliepup said...

Have you found anything yet?