Who has 6 feet?

I love love love shoes!

So much so, that I have now officially ordered THREE pairs for my wedding. I know. It's bad.

At first, I could not find the perfect pair of raspberry/magenta shoes to peek out from my dress.

So I ordered Pair #1 and I was going to go "old school" and have them dyed!
They've got a low heel( 2.25 inches) which will be great for my dress and the future hubby.

...but they were a LITTLE too big. (Can I get a sigh from all the girls with super skinny heels that make their shoes flip off in the back?)

So I ordered a half size smaller which hasn't arrived yet. (Pair #2)

THEN, while perusing, I found these beauties...

I called to see how many pairs were available, since I'm not sure how a three inch heel will work with my dress and wanted to wait until I was reunited till my dress again to see. And there was only one pair in my size. So of course, these became Pair #3.

What's your take?

Should I stand a mere 2.25 inches taller and have them dyed? Or almost be as tall as my man in magenta?


Ashley said...

i LOOOVE the second pair! and well, i'm short, so I like the extra heel haha.

gangsta bride said...

The magenta ones. For sure.

Nneka said...

good to know re the first pair of shoes, i was checking those out too

Anonymous said...

Lauren says magenta...and yes, I'm late, but I'm catching up on your blog