Speaking of Shoes

If you will remember, I really (really) wanted these.

But then I found out I'd have to sell my first AND second born to get them. And that if I wanted, I could wear a bright color.

So, I got super excited and wanted these! Raspberry-esque, low-heeled and pretty = perfect! And they didn't even require selling my first born.

Until I couldn't find them in my size in the right color.

Now I'm thinking about a flat, since I can't find a low heel. How about these?

Or these? I know my online super shoppers will have some suggestions!
photos from zappos.com, amazon.com, and 6pm.com


Wright said...

The pink flats are sooo beautiful and look like they could be really comfortable on the first day.

zoliepup said...

I got so excited about these (especially at $68), but they say that they are red, even though I searched under raspberry and magenta.


or less of a favorite, but cute:

Well, that's all I had the time to find right now... Pretty tired from an ER shift!

Anonymous said...

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