Making It Happen - Part I

Spring break was a whirlwind of planning! It has definitely been a week of both delights and disappointments. I'll recap over the next few days.

Bridesmaid and Hostess Gifts
I just can't ruin the surprise here, but I am super excited to give my girls their gifts. I couldn't ask for better girls to be there for me on the big day. And now that I've got a sewing machine, there's no stop to what I will make or personalize for them! I promise I wont' make them wear pink veils; see below.

Mr. Man
He ordered his guy's gifts too. I'm trying to convince him to let me come up with some cute...errr I mean manly way to package them. Wish me luck!

DIY Invites
In the works. It's tougher than I thought, but when the going gets tough, the bride gets Googling! Here's some paper goodness for inspiration.

photos from etsy.com, blog.african-americanbrides.com via globetrottingbride.blogspot.com, funnyweddingphotos.com

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