Getting Things Done - Part III

Rehearsal umm...."Dinner"

Two of my fabulous bridesmaids spent all day with me scouting out rehearsal dinner sites. We'd decided on an evening rehearsal at the hotel followed by dinner at restaurant in shuttle distance from the hotel. After our ah-ha moment, we sat down for a bite when the mothers decided that our idea was out. "Do not pass go, do not collect $200", they said. We're back to a 10:00 AM rehearsal and rehearsal "lunch".


Got it! Preview coming soon.

Bridesmaids Shoes
On their way to Dallas!

More on the Invites
After tinkering in InDesign, I scouted out someone to do the printing. If our guest list were smaller, I'd tackle it myself, but I'm outsourcing this one for sure! I got a few quotes via email for around $250 , but when I went to another store, they quoted me $100. After seeing the surprised on my face, the guy said, "everyone else has over charged you, hunh?". Yippee-skippy for people actually being nice.

photos from elizabethannedesigns.com and ajnproductions.com

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