Help for a Less Than Tech-Savvy Bride

I've been busy working on the invites (with help and insipration from Budget Savvy Bride), but I'm running into a snafu! When using InDesign, all the pretty fonts I've downloaded turn ugly when I export them as a PDF. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please help!!!


zoliepup said...

I hope somebody knows ! I designed my invites using GIMP which is like a free open source Photoshop. It's not exactly easy to use, but the fonts imported very smoothly!

Jessica said...

If you're exporting as a PDF for proofing/printing purposes and you open the file on a computer that doesn't have the fonts you used, they will show up funky. Here's my advice:

In your InDesign doc, select ALL of the text and then click text>convert to outlines. (Or hit command + O) Then export. It will save the text as vector-output, so you will not be editable after you do this. What I usually do is save a COPY (just in case you have to edit text again later). The original file might be invite.indd so save your copy with the outlined text as invite_outlines.indd

Hope this helps!!!

Anonymous said...

If you use a program like PrimoPDF (http://www.primopdf.com) you can make any thing that you would normally print into a PDF file. Oh, and it's free! Definitely a good program to have since PDFs are always useful. Hope this helps!