I Said We Moving On Up...

Mr. Man and I finally found an apartment! We won't move in together until after the big day, but I'm trying to figure out how to make this whole thing easier i.e. not come home from the honeymoon with a million boxes in our living room and needing to find something random to pack for our mission trip the next week

Here's what I got so far:

- get rid of a million things
- slowly bring over things like clothes, dishes and books prior to the actual big "move-in" date
- have the (free!) movers move all the big stuff one week before the wedding
- try to pack my mission trip stuff prior to the move
- transfer all the services at my place to the new place before the wedding e.g. electricity, DirectTV/DirectTV in Texas
- watch Golden Girls via DirectTV because I have no school and I can!
- not freak out

anh. moving is whack.

any tips to make the move smooth?


hostess5 said...

Get rid of any (and everything) you haven't used in the last year. I'm still tossing stuff :/

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,

Do you remember Jared Wilkins, Div Student at Duke? Well he and his wife purchased their place before the wedding and had to do that same transition. I know they moved in stuff before hand and his wife began to stay there a little before the wedding, but you should contact him via fb or email and ask him details. If you don't feel comfortable asking him I can ask him details for you.