My Bridal Portraits

I apologize in advance if you think I am going to let you see what my dress looks like three weeks before the wedding. :)

It was a total blessing to stumble upon our photographer, Billie Roche . She's relatively new to the business, but she's talented. It took some serious talent to make an overworked medical student and a tired computer programmer look like this in engagement photos!

We had blast taking bridal portraits, and they were everything I ever wanted - edgy, fun, sophisticated, even silly.

But they weren't "portraity". (If that is a real concept/word.)

I recently learned that displaying a bridal portrait at the wedding reception is actually only traditionally done in a few southern states like Florida, Texas and Georgia. A sorority sister from Detroit was like "why did you take pre-pictures two months before your wedding?". Apparently they are a regional thing.

But now that I've got my edgy, fun, sophisticated (regional) pictures, what in the world do I display at the reception?

I could crop one of the more scenic ones to make it "portraity"...

...or do something silly/sexy/edgy....

What would you do? "Portraity"? Silly? Sexy? Edgy?

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Crystal said...

That isn't true abou the bridal portraits. I know this because it has always been my dream to be a wedding planner, so from an early age, I researched weddings, etiquette, etc. Bridal portraits are displayed at wedding receptions EVERYWHERE. Some brides do not have the financial resources to do a bridal shoot before the big day, so they don't have a picture to display. For brides with the resources, it has always been a part of the "reception decor."

I would suggest you have your portrait on display. You could also display pictures of family members or childhood pics of you and the groom