The Honeymoon Wishlist

Question: What is a perfect distraction from wedding tasks?

Answer: honeymoon screen shopping (like window shopping only from your laptop)

The Le Sac Dress at American Apparel
which can be worn in way more ways than I'm shown below...

A white bikini from Victoria's Secret
because what other time is more appropriate for a white bikini?

A straw hat from Target
because it's hard to see your honey when it's sunny...

A lightweight cardigan from Forever 21
in case it gets chilly at night...

This dress from Forever 21
for shopping when we want a break from the beach...

One more maxi dress
for good measure...

...and finally some leopard rhumba shorts.
Because if you can't wear these on your honeymoon, where can you wear them?

What else should I pack?


Yourmove said...

This post disturbs me.

hostess5 said...

Lol. Agreed.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Saw some other cool wedding stuff here: www.runningofthebride.com

Anonymous said...

were can I find that white bathing suit?? I went to victoria secret website and didnt find it...in desperate need to buy one like this :/