Stress? What stress?

It's not that I'm super busy 25 days before the wedding. It's more so that I feel like I should be doing things and I'm not sure what they are or in what order to begin them.

The major stress is coming from the guests. Besides all the family issues that rear their ugly heads at weddings, many of my beautiful Black friends and family members have what I call a SARS-VP or Severe Allery to RSVP's. Literally, some people have said to me "oh, you wanted me to RSVP?". In my head I'm thinking, "no, I just made personalized RSVP cards to waste paper". Ok. Enough of my rant. But really, it's as if Mr. Man and I prepared an expensive dinner for you and you were like "oh, I'm too busy to take the time to tell you if I'm coming or not."

And then, there are those people that saw the invisible ink on the invitations that read, "please tap me while I'm on my way to the bathroom at church and let me know you are coming." I'm trying to beef up my memory skills for med school, but I just can't remember what all the people we invited will be doing at noon on our wedding day.

But then there are the guests who send back cards promptly with random and fun comments or quotes! These people remind me that there are gracious guests in the world.

Really though, besides stressing out over who's coming and who's not, what else should I be doing in these last 25 days. Here's what I got so far....

- finish programs (stayed up until 3AM working on them last night...sigh.)
- make sure hostess gifts are packaged pretty (Wide Eyed Mom is helping!)
- make sure card box gets finished (Wide Eyed Brother is helping!)
- find baskets for favors (Wide Eyed Maid of Honor finished them all!)
- go over layout and schedule with venue and planner
- get ribbon to the bakery
- get inserts to the linen people
- transportation (Mr. Man is on this one!)
- pack and organize wedding stuff and honeymoon stuff
- vow folders
- signage
- email/call photographer about "must take shots" and bridal/engagement portrait
- find text/specifics for a special ceremony portion
- assemble emergency kit
- write out duties for wedding party to be handed out at rehearsal lunch
- finalize make-up and a couple of other appointments

What else could I do now to make the day go more smoothly?


zoliepup said...

Sounds like you are on it! I can't believe we only have 25 days left! Gah...

Work is going crazy right now too. No rest for the weary bride!

Yourmove said...

SMH at people thinking they can have special treatment. Wait... do I need to RSVP?