The Great (Hair) Debate Part I - For The Naptural

I've only been natural for two years. At first, I was fiercely anti-perm + pro-natural. Now that I realize, "hey its just hair", I've been considering a relaxer. Don't get me wrong, I love my natural.

I love that...

- I can strike up conversations with women about hair just based on the fact that I'm natural.

- People assume you are confident or mysterious when you have natural hair.

- I get to display one of the awesome things that makes Black people special.

- I have the option to straighten my hair if I want to.

- I can workout and swim or run in the rain without some silly cap or paper bag over my hair.

- I can laugh at all the times my family told me I had bad hair.

- It doesn't require that much daily maintenance (important for a med school student)AND I don't have to depend on paying someone regularly to relax it.

- My hair has its own personality.

- I can avoid the unhealthy breakage a perm can cause.

See the photo evidence below for permed breakage and then naptural healthiness..


Check back tomorrow for Part II - For the Perm!


Jonezy said...
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Jonezy said...

you and you hair are gorgeous :)

zoliepup said...

I think you have the most beautiful hair!

Conscious Bride said...

Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

In a similar boat trying to figure out what to do with my locs :)

The Bridal BFF said...

Good luck with the decision! I personally love your natural look!! ;)

Tina <3 said...

I LOVE your natural hair. But as a stylist i am all for chemical treatments.
If you are thinking about a relaxer....you should look into a keratin treatment instead. Though more expensive and they take longer time,they are way way way more healthy for your locks. Think same results as a relaxer minus the horrible chemicals.
I have only given the brazillian keratin treatments but there are many others out there.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Danae!
Your blog is awesome!! I feel like I am talking to you face to face. It gave me a much needed STEP1 study break and for that, I thank you Ma'am :o)

I personally think you are fantastically beautiful with your natural hair and I too understand the mishaps and unforeseen turns that natural hair can take but I love it all the same.

Another potential option could be a sew in. That way you can have your flowing hair without fear of it turning against you and still rock your luscious fro the next week.

Of course do what makes you and your hubby happy and even if the perm is the answer your picks were cute that way as well!
- your med school, disney princess loving friend

Jc said...

I did already comment on the previous post about research on how to maintain relaxed hair, should you choose to relax your hair. I do think many naturals will suffer breakage from relaxers.I would highly recommend that if you choose to go relaxed that you do research (see LHCF, Keep It Simple Sista).

I do have to add that I am a natural till I die person. I accept that not everyone is this way and I am in no way supporting relaxing hair as I maintain that it is not a necessary procedure. However, if you are going to do it, then do it properly.