The Ring for The Man

The engagement ring gets special pictures and "oohs and ahhs", but the man's band is sadly neglected. In fact, when Mr. Man and I first got engaged, he complained that he didn't have any proof or evidence of his status change - especially since I lived 300 miles away.

I wanted to pick out something special for him, so I spent some time at Jewelry Vortex. They have a wide selection of styles, and although I don't see Mr. Man wearing anything blingy, it was pretty interesting to see what options were out there. They have everything from titanium to tungsten and Christian to Celtic. My band is platinum, but he insisted on white gold. (So much for the sentimental "metal matching", but it definitely costs way less.)

I think in the end, we will go with a simple beveled edge in white gold like this baby.

What type of bands do you like on guys?
I guess with all this talk about rings, I'm going to have to take some shots of mine at some point!


Kelly said...

I think platinum not only looks the best, but it's the best option for men because it's the most durable.

I got my husband platinum. He tried to fight me on it at first too, but he loves the look and weight of the band... you can definitely feel a difference. I guarantee if you get your man platinum he'll be happy you did.

Plus, I think you should go for matching metals.

We used engagementguide.com and found it to be a very helpful resource. We actually looked at a platinum ring very similar to the one you've featured. Check it out:


Good luck and congrats! And definitely post pictures of your ring!

T Stratt ... Like That.... said...

Get the man Titanuim. He's an Engineer!!!!... Oh and I may be the only man addicted to these Blogs, but I'm ok with that lol...

T Stratt ... Like That.... said...

Actually he's a black engineer... from Texas... so maybe platinum would be more appropriate... but Titanium is such an amazing material! It's so strong and light... but I digress...