A Million Thanks

I has asked a few friends to come over and help out with some crafts I needed to to get done for the wedding. The craft supplies were piled high and one of my good friends brought over breakfast food. Several things were not in our favor - the printer broke and not everyone was in a cheery morning mood, but my amazing (soon to be family) made magic happen. After a lot of spray glue and old Motown music, my invitations are DONE!

Of course I won't share them until my guests get them in thier hands, but I'm super excited to put them in the mail at the end of this month.

Also, this past weekend, Mr. Man surprised me after coming back from a wedding and telling me that it got him excited about our wedding. (I have a feeling he won't be as excited in the next few days as we pay our vendors that must be paid off sixty days in advance. Yuck.)


zoliepup said...

We're date twins, right? I think that's how I first started following you.

We also just got the invitations in the mail in the last week, and we got our first RSVP card (which had many hilarious comments on it).

We sent one to the Obamas for fun. They probably can't make it ;), but I'm hoping for a form letter reply!

We printed our at home, and were I to do it over again, I would have had the printing done elsewhere. Between printer problems and the price of ink, we didn't save any money and we were 10 invitations short!

hostess5 said...

End of the month?! Send those puppies now!