Location, Location, Location?

When it comes to the location for our wedding, these are the facts:

What he wants: a LOT of people

What I want: gorgeous, an “outside” feel, NOT a stuffy ballroom with pink curtains

What we’ve got: a tight budget, a bride who is going to be in medical school and not willing to completely make over a space

My online searches pulled up what I thought was going to be my dream location. A gorgeous glass enclosed chapel overlooking a forest? Works for me. Capacity of up to 350 people? Check for him.

When I visited, I was assured of two things: 1) it was gorgeous and 2) it was out of my budget. :(

After I sulked for a few days, I realized that Ashton Gardens, while nice, was a little generic - a kind of a “hurricane vases with floating petals in your colors” place. I won’t tell you how many other places I visited, but eventually, I stumbled on a gem.

Our wedding venue is large, gorgeous and has an outdoorsy feel. The fact that it’s NOT one big giant room immediatley nixes the stuffy ballroom feel. I was sold! Email me to check out a video tour!

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kd said...

My gosh! This place is beautiful!!! Your wedding is going to be gorgeous!!!!!