What are your colors?

This question is getting to be a little ridiculous. I mean after someone finds out I'm engaged, shouldn't they want to ask something a little more sentimental like, "Are you excited?" or even something more practical like,"when is the wedding?"?

Maybe I'm only feeling this way because...i.don't.know.

There are many things to consider. This is how the thought process goes...

1. Green would look great on black bridesmaids...
2. .....but I've always loved purple.
3. ....but purple looks cheap on many fabrics.
4. Purple and green? .....Barney.
5. Ok, nix the purple. Pink and green?.....Rival sorority colors.
6. How about between a pink and a purple?...gorgeous.
7. Ok, between and pink and a purple. Like this color....

8. Wait. Chiffon? Not going to work.
9. Can't find this "Wildberry" color anywhere else!
10. Maybe the green would look "richer".
11. Back to number one.

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jessica lynn said...

So what color did you choose!?