Pose For the Camera Now...Click! Click!

Photography. Everyone says it's one of the most important items for your wedding day.

For me, important translates as "you know if you make a bad choice, your wedding pictures will be terrible". Ahhh!

Ok, here goes.

Choice A ...

  • Great for the Budget

  • Seems to have an Amazing Eye

  • Has Only Done FOUR Weddings

Choice B ...

  • Extremely Experienced

  • "Clicked" Immediately With the Photographer Who We Would Work With

  • We Require Some Serious Budget Shuffling

Choice C....

  • Right on the Money

  • An "OK" Style, Nothing too Impressive

  • Not Exactly Sure Who Would Be Filming

Let the deliberations begin!


Anonymous said...

Definitely B! I will be blogging about this soon-- but you definitely want the good memories after the wedding. Everything else will fade away, but those moments will last forever when captured by a great photographer.

heather said...

B! From my friends experience, she went with someone like A. Fit the budget, had some gorgeous pictures, but only does weddings on the side. She said her candid and detail shots were great, but the 'meat and potatoes' shots (family pictures, vows, etc.) were not even good enough to frame! Definitely go with someone experienced!

kd said...

B! You do not want to be worried if your pictures will turn out the way you expected. I paid alot for mine and it was worth every penny!