Houston Bridal Extravaganza

An entire convention center filled with wedding vendors? I thought it would be a bride-to-be's dream. I got asked at least seven times if I'd registered for a "free" tux at Men's Warehouse, but at least the terribly sad looks on groom's faces were enough to keep me entertained. (Ladies, unless you've got a groomzilla on hand, PLEASE don't make him suffer!)

I didn't get a ton of ideas and leads, but the show did allow me to show my mom and maid-of-honor (who are both skeptics when it comes to anything I choose) more of my ideas.

We saw this table, which convinced them that a bright saturated table cloth could work for the reception space.

We saw a pomander ball that convinced them that it would, indeed, be okay for my bridesmaids to carry them instead of bouquets.

It seems like a bridal show is more for "idea gathering" than actual planning.

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Mekdes said...

I love the idea for the reception hall and the hanging balls for the bridesmaid!!!! not to add anymore pressure to you, but i can't wait to see what you do with this wedding cuz we all know how creative and artistic you are : )