Sweetheart vs. Traditional Table (vs. Harvest Table)?

Our venue typically has the "sweetheart" setup - where the bride and groom sit at a table all to themselves, but I've been wondering if that's the best way to go for our reception.

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly on sweetheart tables.

It might encourage people to come talk to us, since they won't have to fight with a table of our bestest friends. (And with a ton of out-of-town guests, it will allow us to spend time with more of our guests!)

Our wedding party could sit with their dates. Because there is no way 7 guys, 7 gals, and 14 dates can sit at one head table. (Plus, the dateless attendants won't feel left out.)

Maybe a few moments of "alone time" on our big day.
We have to be separated from the people who we wanted to witness our wedding the most: the bridal party.

What The Wedding Fairy at Don't Be That Bride calls the "Nutcracker Effect". Essentially, like Clara and the Prince in the Nutcracker, your guests shy away from talking to you and don't get to share in your new found joy.

So while researching, I came across the "harvest table". Apparently, this is a Midwest thing where you put an oval shaped (made up of two rectangular tables placed side by side, with semi-circular tables on either end) table in the center of the room. That way you are still "separate" from the rest of the room, but are also accessible to all of your friends and family.

So what's the verdict? Sweetheart, head or "harvest"?

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Shannon said...

The harvest table sounds interesting. I get a visual of the best man movie when I think of the traditional lengthy table....which has a lot of drawbacks. Sweetheart sounds cute, harvest sounds better, and more accessible. Its like the best of both.