I Couldn't Help But Share

I've been pouring over all things wedding, and on the rare occasion it happens, it makes me smile to see a Black love on the big day. Kate Headley photographed Sonya and Janssen's gorgeous wedding and Elizabeth Ann Designs and The Bride's Cafe both posted about it. The photo on my blog is just a sneak peek. (Check out those orange shoes!)

Click here and here to see something simply gorgeous.


Terry said...

Mr. Man here,
Clearly my lady has too much time on her hands. I guess being in med school isn't so tough after all. Regardless, I am very proud of my boo for this colorful and well-written blog of wedding woes.

I'm proud of you kid,
Mr. Man

Mekdes said...
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Mekdes said...

That shade of purple is FAB! never thought purple and orange would go together, but absolutely beautiful. Their pics are the cutest! it looks like your style : )