The Big Send Off

So the reception comes to an end and its time to send off the bride and groom....

Sparklers? Nope. It's a daytime wedding.
Bubbles? *shrugs* They are fun for the young and young at heart, though.
Lavender? Mmm. Smells pretty.
Ribbon wands? Love, love, love the photos. Could totally DIY.

What do you think?


Mekdes said...

RIBBON WANDS!!!! unique and fun and you can match the colors which would look even better. AND the bridesmaids in the picture have the balls instead of the regular bouqets, which just is a sign that you should go for the ribbon wands : )

Miss. Jackson said...

I like the ribbon wand idea too! It does make for a gorgeous picture opportunity!

ctngray said...

Ribbon wands AND lavender. Why not?