Good Morning I Do's

I helped one of the sweetest women I know decorate for a wedding this weekend. She has coordinated several weddings in the past few months, and with just ONE wedding to plan, I know SEVERAL have to be grueling. I wish I had pictures to share, because she is good at what she does! Everything was beautiful, but one thing made me a bit nervous.

The wedding was supposed to start at 11:00 AM, but all the vendors waited until the last minute to set up and the guests seemed to all be late. It seemed that most of the delay occured because the venue would not allow vendors inside until 9:30 AM.

As I placed the centerpieces and steamed the chair covers, I couldn't help but wonder if people overslept, had a hard time getting there so early, or one of five million things I could conjure up.

And then, the big worry: Will it be like that for our ceremony at noon?

Of course, I did some personal research to find out that our venue has a three hour set up time. Phew!!! Alright, lets hope no one at the wedding is yawning through our "i do's" like this little girl.

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